15 reasons Liberty Village is your true love

Neighbourhood | Written on December 2, 2014

1. Every time you walk through the neighbourhood and admire the brick facades and old-timey architecture you feel like you’re in a different era. If you really concentrate, you’re pretty much in the 1920s and the world is your oyster.

2. Just look at those ivy-covered buildings. As if the architecture wasn’t beautiful enough.

3. The brunch here is better than anywhere else in the city and you’re a fierce advocate of School, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and everywhere in between.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Food

4. I mean just take a look at meal from Mildred’s. Yum.

5. If there were a dog competition in Toronto, the Liberty Village pups would certainly win for cuteness and manners.

Dog Photo Liberty Village

6.  Luckily, there are tons of dog-centric businesses and parks in the area for your little pooch. Can you say Pup And The City?

7. You’re able to take up unique exercise routines, whether it’s rock climbing or at Joe Rockheads or trapeze at Hercinia Arts Collective.

View of Lake Liberty Village Toronto

8. Living close to the lake has its perks. On hot summer days, you can practically hear the shoreline and ice cream from The Perfect Scoop calling your name.

9. West Elm is the best home living store in the city, and it’s right in your own backyard. It’s a blessing and a curse.

10. Strolling to BMO Field for a soccer game makes your place the perfect pre-game meeting spot.

Cheese Danish Aroma

11. Aroma Espresso Bar has an outpost in Liberty Village, perfect for a morning coffee or midday sandwich. You’ve been known to eye their pastry selection.

CNE Toronto 2014

12. Every year when the CNE, Honda Indy, Royal Winter Fair come, you have a front row seat.

13. Downtown is only a 15 minute streetcar ride away. Going to meetings or dinner in the downtown core is no problem at all.

14. The Brazen Head makes you feel bold, brave and brazen just like the slogan.

15. You love that your neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s most sought-after and is constantly evolving. How could you want to live anywhere else?

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