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Decorating Your Condo, The Liberty Central Way

Liberty | Written on July 28, 2015

A quick look at The Liberty Central By The Lake Two floor plans will reveal that we offer several different layouts that can easily be tailored to suit individual needs and designed to showcase personal style. That’s the Liberty Village way—uniqueness and creativity combined in ways that make “the eclectic” and “the different” qualities to be embraced and revered.

Decorating your condo shouldn’t be about conformity. Nor does it have to be a quest to stand out. It’s about finding the right balance that represents your taste without being imposing. Here are a few quick tips on achieving that balance:

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  • Do showcase artwork, tchotchkes and mementos from trips and other experiences. Your home should tell a story and if that story involves world travel, awesome excursions and lots of great memories, why not show them off?

Living Room I

  • Do use a mix of colours and textures to brighten your personal space, add a sense of dimension and create vibrancy. There are lots of ways to incorporate different patterns and colours. The key is to stick to a few select shades and choose colours that complement each other rather than clash.

Finishing Touches - Best Decision

  • Do recycle and reuse. That wine bottle that held the 20 year-old port, that uniquely shaped container that was a part of your birthday gift, that scarf that you haven’t worn in more than a decade- these are just a few examples of items that can be transformed with the use of a few inexpensive elements and that can help to make your space more personal and more “you.”

Bedroom I

  • Do take chances. That wall that’s painted with a really bright shade or the antique clock that’s the width of the chair it hangs over are elements that are catching to the eye and help to make your space stand out, in a good way. Go big and go home (to Liberty Central By The Lake Two, of course!)


  •  Don’t overdo it. Striking the right tone in your apartment’s décor is less about subtlety and a lot more about balance. You don’t have to display every souvenir you’ve every purchased nor does every piece have to have a story attached to it. Simple elements can create just as much contrast and attract as much attention if used in the right way.

At Liberty Central By The Lake Two, you can make your space your own and there are lots of great furniture and specialty stores in our neighbourhood that offer pieces that can help you to define your condo in a way that best represents you.