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Dining on a Budget, the Liberty Village Edition

Fun | Written on May 13, 2015

A good meal is never hard to come by, in particular if you’re willing to pay a hefty sum for it. And if you’re not? Does that mean that you’ll have to resign yourself to ramen noodles or the dollar menu at McDonalds?  Not if you’re in Liberty Village and not if we have anything to say about it. So here it is, some great places to dine out in our neighbourhood on a budget:


Maizal Quesadilla Café
133 Jefferson Ave, Toronto, ON M6K3E4



If Mexican food is your thing, you need to run, not walk, to Maizal on Jefferson Avenue. If Mexican food isn’t your thing, you really should consider making it your thing because Maizal is all kinds of delicious. For the budget-friendly price of $7, you can get 2 thick (and very yummy) tortillas topped with black beans, lettuce, pickled onions, and a cream sauce. That’s just the beginning though. Maizal offers a host of vegetarian quesadilla options for $5 (2 for $8.50) and meat quesadilla options for $6 (2 for $10.50). We’d recommend must-try dishes at Maizal but we’d just end up listing the entire menu. They offer great food at a great price so you won’t be disappointed and your stomach will be very happy. They’re open most days from 11:00am to 9:00pm so go for lunch or dinner and enjoy!


Fat Bastard Burrito Company
126 Atlantic Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y2


Fat Bastard Burrito

You won’t find a restaurant more aptly named. Each time we visit Fat Bastard Burrito we’re tempted to switch careers, to become professional burrito-eaters. That’s a thing, right?

Still on the Mexican theme, the Fat Bastard Burrito Company on Atlantic Avenue offers a selection of really tasty burritos and quesadillas at prices that will make your wallet slip you a “thank you” note. The burritos come in classic and speciality offerings in sizes, lil, big and huge and range from a modest $7.39 to $10.89 for the classic burritos. Add a dollar to enjoy the specialty burritos. The quesadillas are similarly priced at $7.99 for the classic variety and $8.99 for specialty quesadillas. They also have gluten-free and vegan options. Grab your jar of loonies and head over to the Fat Bastard Burrito Company. We’ll probably see you there.


Liberty Village Rotisserie Grill
141 Jefferson Ave, Toronto, ON M6K3E4


Liberty Village Rotisserie

Many classify the Liberty Village Rotisserie Grill as a Portuguese or barbecue eatery. We classify it as, delicious! Certainly that’s a food group. From the roast chicken sandwiches with dipping sauces to the pulled chicken wraps, we dare you to keep your fingers clean while dining here. A grilled chicken breast sandwich is $6.99 while an order of pulled chicken, tossed in their mouth-watering hot sauce and served with any of their sides is $8.99. You can also enjoy a fish taco for $3.50 or 3 for $9.00. There are salads that range from $5.50 to $11.00 and family combos that include a whole chicken and sides that start at $28.99. The Liberty Village Rotisserie Grill also offers delivery options as well so that you can get all this great food whenever you’re craving it, which, once you’ve tried the Liberty Village Rotisserie Grill, will be very often.


Merci Mon Ami
171 E Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K3P6



Our final stop for a budget-friendly meal in Liberty Village comes with a disclaimer: messy fingers and full stomachs are an almost certain reality when dining here. From the always fun and juicy feature burgers to the souvlaki to the tacos, you may also need a bib. While Merci Mon Ami is only open Monday – Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm, for them (and anyone in Liberty Village) that’s enough time to dish out a whole lot of great meals. The ingredients are always noticeably fresh and the menu boasts several “feature” items, that we’re guessing are dependent on seasonal ingredients and what’s available at the market. The house salad is a good size and starts at $6.42 (add $2.43 if you want chicken) while the steak sandwich is made with Canadian sirloin beef, BBQ sauce, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese and amazingness and is priced at $11. The pesto chicken, honey chicken and eggplant parmesan are priced at $10. What’s important to note about Merci Mon Ami is that they aim to use high-quality ingredients and the proof is in each, delicious bite.


Now that you know of some great places to eat in Liberty Village that won’t force you to take out a second mortgage or dip into your kid’s college fund, we hope to see you soon in our neighbourhood. There’s some good food waiting for you.