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Two Great Restos Are Coming Soon to Liberty Village

| Written on September 17, 2015

Hang on to your socks. The delicious dishes at two restaurants that are coming soon to Liberty Village may knock them off! In every blog that we write, we draw attention to the fact that Liberty Village offers a world of conveniences and entertainment opportunities. This time around, we are adding to that by celebrating the pure awesomeness (and deliciousness) heading to our neighbourhood.


 You may have heard about The Battered Fish before. They have seven locations in Nova Scotia, one in Prince Edward Island and now their scrumptiousness is coming our way. Oh happy day!

Photo by Eatthistown

Photo by Eatthistown

We’re talking sweet potato fries, buffalo bites, fresh cut, made to order onion rings, maritime poutine (made with haddock tips), fish burgers, salmon burgers, tuna melts and lobster grilled cheese. All their fish is fresh and shipped directly from Halifax (yum!) and what’s more, they offer four options for your fish to be prepared: beer battered, with panko, breaded or pan-fried. Want even more seafood options?! Other seafood items on their menu include seafood chowder, shrimp and fries, calamari and fries, lobster rolls and, fish and chips. Are you hungry yet because we’re certainly working up an appetite? All their fish dishes are made to order and made with 0% Trans Fat oil. (That practically makes it diet food, we’re almost certain). That’s far from all that the Battered Fish offers though. There are myriad non-seafood options as well. From homemade chicken fingers to BBQ chicken poutine, chicken burgers and a gourmet brisket burger, their menu is a fast food dream that very few will want to wake from.


Parents, there’s no need to leave the kids at home while you’re indulging at this fresh, fast food eatery. Battered Fish has a Kids Menu with several sure-to-please favourites like hot dogs, chicken fingers, fish tips and grilled cheese.

With such a great reputation in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia, we’re so thrilled that the Battered Fish has chosen to open a location in Toronto and make our area their new home. The Battered Fish is scheduled to open in Liberty Village in October, 2015, and like their other locations, you’ll be able to drop in for a meal seven days/week. There’ll be no delivery immediately following their opening but you will be able to order online and pick up at their restaurant. For more information, follow them on Twitter or Facebook or visit their website. Happy dining!


 Photo by Woodlawnhs

Photo by Woodlawnhs

From fish and chips to authentic Indian food!
Another well-known and well-loved restaurant will soon be opening its doors in Liberty Village (and by soon, we’re talking this month!) Mauyra East Indian Roti Cuisine will be dishing up the delicious in our neighbourhood and we can’t wait! We’re certainly not alone either. With more than 25 years in the business, Maurya is a pro at blending Indian spices and creating dishes that have customers going back for more (and more…and sometimes even more!) Their menu offers a host of vegetarian roti’s, non-vegetarian roti’s and rice dishes. For those who may never have tried roti before, it is a type of unleavened bread (that is popular in the Caribbean and in India) that can be eaten alone or prepared with any number of curry or spicy fillings. And it’s deeeeeelicious!

Photo by DevPatel142

Photo by DevPatel142

The options at Maurya seem almost limitless. From mixed vegetable roti to eggplant and potato roti to chana (potato and chickpea) roti, sang paneer (pureed spinach, potato and paneer cheese) roti and malai kofta (grated paneer cheese and potato dumpling) roti, vegetarians and vegans have a host of delicious choices. The non-vegetarian options are equally mouth-watering and include popular Indian crowd-pleasers such as butter chicken roti, lamb/chicken tikka masala roti and chicken korma roti. Rice dishes at Maurya offer a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections, like shrimp briyani, mixed vegetable curry with rice, chicken/lamb Vindaloo with rice and the ever-popular, butter chicken with rice. Maurya has promised an even wider selection of offerings at their Liberty Village location as well as a patio and the option to purchase alcoholic beverages!

Maurya does not disappoint and we are beyond thrilled to have them in our neighbourhood. For more delicious details, visit their website.

Both The Battered Fish and Maurya offer dine-in and take-out service. Yum, yum, yum.