Benchmark Program Liberty Village

Explore the benches of Liberty Village

Neighbourhood | Written on December 5, 2014

Liberty Village’s BENCHmark program adds a special flair to an already historic and artistic neighbourhood. See if you can spot CanAlfa Liberty Towers’ sponsored benches this weekend!

Benches have always been prime spots for deep self-reflection but when you turn those benches into public art pieces, you add a whole other layer. Liberty Village’s BENCHmark program began back in 2005, visually enhancing old wooden benches by having local artists paint over them. The intention was to encourage residents to hang out and reflect on their neighbourhood.

The program was introduced by the Liberty Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) and since then 18 additional benches were commissioned. The old wooden benches are tied to the area’s industrial past, while painting a picture of the future.

Next time you’re in the area, we invite you to explore the many public art pieces in the community and make special note of the two benches sponsored by CanAlfa Liberty Towers. The two benches are called “Spring Eternal” and “Facing East,” by Miklos Legrady. They’re visually stunning and practical—what more could you ask for?

Have a look at the photos and let us know what you think! You can message us on Facebook or Twitter @LiveInLibertyTO.

Liberty Village Benchmark