Fantastic Finds – Shopping in Liberty Village

Life | Written on June 25, 2015

It’s time to take your love for Liberty Village to another level. In our blogs, we regularly feature fun (and often times, free) events that are unique to the Liberty Village neighbourhood. We have written about a range of topics from great, inexpensive dining options in Liberty Village to our love of pets to the history of our neighbourhood. Today we’re taking things in a slightly different direction. Today, we take you shopping in Liberty Village. And like most things in our trendy, vibrant community, you’ll undoubtedly discover that this shopping experience is one filled with an extra bit of something extraordinary.

Beauty/Cosmetics: Demo Soap

Demo Soap - Red-cluster_2 Demo Soap -Yellow

Photos via Demo Soap

Let’s stop first at Demo Soap at 171 East Liberty Street. This is a must-visit location in Liberty Village for several reasons. As the name suggests, this is a locale for specialized soaps. We must warn you though, the love affair with Demo Soap begins the moment you enter the store. It is, at once, a very delicious experience and you’re immediately greeted with whiffs of pumpkin, vanilla, chocolate and lavender, perhaps a few hints of green apple, ginger, coconut and orange and the undeniable scents of honey, mint and banana bread (yes, banana bread!). Before you pull up a chair and start weighing the consequences of dining on one of these fragrant bars though, you may also be interested to know that these soaps were not only made to smell great but they are also aesthetically pleasing and are handmade. Quite simply put, they more closely resemble works of art. There’s no denying that a lot of thought and energy went into making a product that is both functional and artful and at that task, Demo Soap was incredibly successful. Most bars are $6.95 each.


Home Furnishings: West Elm


Photo via Huffington Post

Fill your home with original furnishings that suit your own personal style. That’s what West Elm at 109 Atlantic Avenue offers and they make their efforts known through their unique selection of products, the sense of community they strive to build with customers and collaborators and their commitment to maintaining a locally-supplied, honest, conscious business.  You have to love a good company with a great story! You can get it all at West Elm, from everyday home furnishings to rugs and bedding to lighting and décor items. There are tons of items to love at West Elm and a lot of different styles, from modern to rustic to traditional. Diversity shines bright at West Elm. Also, don’t miss their great markdowns. What’s better than finding that perfect home item that you’ve been looking for? How about getting that perfect home item for up to 70% off? With its great prices and wide variety of furnishings, West Elm is a great fit for our eclectic neighbourhood.


Clothing: Vocado


Photo via BlogTO

Vocado is a women’s clothing store with something for everyone. The store’s founders liken shopping at Vocado to going through that friend’s closet and finding something perfect for every occasion—those are some of the best kinds of friends to have. The associates are always eager to help with any questions that you might have about sizes, designers, fits, returns or anything else related to their merchandise. Vocado sells a range of products including dresses, jeans, footwear, accessories, pyjamas and intimates, all very fashionable and coming in a variety of colours and styles. Another thing that makes Vocado so great is that they aren’t just one kind of store for one kind of taste or one kind of buyer. Regardless of your style, you’ll be able to find something at Vocado. The prices are also great and their markdowns have been known to cause many a jaw to drop. We love having Vocado in our neighbourhood! Find their store at 171 East Liberty Street.

When you live in Liberty Village you are a part of a unique community that is home to equally unique events and experiences. Celebrate you through all that Liberty Village has to offer.