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For Pet’s Sake! Two New Pet Services in Liberty Village

News & Events | Written on March 23, 2016

In Liberty Village, we are a community of animal lovers. In our Live in Liberty blog, we’ve featured posts on dog parks, doggy festivals, holiday-themed pet events and parties and, of course, pet-walking and pet care services, all in Liberty Village. Yup. In Liberty Village, we looooove our pets and we take every opportunity to embrace and celebrate this neighbourhood-wide trait to the fullest. Now, we welcome two great new ways for animals in and around Liberty Village to get care in our area. The living is pawsitively grand for pets in this neck of Toronto!

Photo by GoLivingHealthy

Photo by GoLivingHealthy

First, we introduce you to The Liberty Village Animal Hospital!

Yes, a new animal hospital has opened in our area! Just when you thought that with all the great things regularly happening in Liberty Village, things couldn’t get any more awesome, another incredible service opens in our neighbourhood.

So here’s what you should know about our latest pet-tastic service. The Liberty Village Animal Hospital opened on Thursday March, 17th at 171 E Liberty Street, Unit 120. It’s headed by Dr. Ellen Kinzl who is both the owner and the practicing veterinarian. Dr. Kinzl comes from years of practice as an emergency room veterinarian and wanted to transition to offering fulltime daytime care to pets, a change that would offer her a new and exciting opportunity to connect with animals and the people who care for them. And where better to do that in Toronto than Liberty Village! With her new practice, we have no doubt that Dr. Kinzl will be able to get to know many of the great pets in our area and, build relationships with them and their owners as they grow.

The love that Liberty Villagers have for animals was not lost on Dr. Kinzl and we’re sure that Liberty Village will be showing her lots of love right back! The Liberty Village Animal Hospital opens at 8am on weekdays and at 9am on Saturdays. Drop in or make an appointment. For contact information, visit The Liberty Village Animal Hospital webpage here.

Photo by Walk y Dog Toronto

Photo by Walk y Dog Toronto

Next, we introduce you to a cool new dog-walking app that recently launched in our area. Walk My Dog is a professional, certified dog walking company that allows you to book and track your dog’s walk all with an app. Walk My Dog offers on-leash dog-walking from 9am to 9pm from Monday to Friday and, with their commitment to transparency, you’ll always have the comfort of knowing exactly where your pooch went for his/her walk.

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It gets even cooler! With their Walk Tracker, at the end of your pet’s outing, you’ll get an email that includes a map, a pic of your happy, freshly walked pooch and a note. It’s almost like you were right there on the walk with them. There are lots of great, new services coming out of Liberty Village and this is definitely one of them!

Photo by Walk My Dog Toronto

Photo by Walk My Dog Toronto

Group walks with Walk My Dog are $20 for 30 minutes and $25 for an hour while private walks are $30 per hour. All dogs who join Walk My Dog should be spayed, social (without a history of biting or attacks) and up to date on primary vaccines. Want to know more about Walk My Dog? Book a free meeting here or visit their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Liberty Village is going to the dogs…in a really great way, and we absolutely love it!


Written by L. D. Moore