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Fun and Flavour at Fort York

Neighbourhood | Written on April 8, 2016

Events at the Fort York National Historic Site are a perfect blend of history, education, excitement and charm. Attendees are always guaranteed a trip to the past that will inform and intrigue. Two great upcoming events at Fort York— Cooking with Hannah Glasse and Little Cakes and Biscuits— promise to do just that, and with the added bonus of artful recipes and delicious treats.

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On Sunday, April 10 from 10:00am to 3:30pm, the Fort York National Historic Site will open their doors for a cooking session that will feature incredible dishes from Hannah Glasse’s delicious body of work. Hannah was an 18th century British recipe writer and cook who published several cookbooks, the most notable of which is, The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy. On April 10, Fort York invites visitors to learn how to create a menu using recipes from Glasse’s collection. In addition to The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, inspiration will also be drawn from another of Glasse’s well-known books, The Complete Confectioner. Attendees will learn about everything, from delicious roasts to British puddings! For anyone with an interest in cooking or looking for a bit of inspiration, this will undoubtedly prove to be the ideal event.

Pre-registration is required to attend Cooking with Hannah Glasse at Fort York. That entails a quick call to the Fort York National Historic Site at 416-392-7484. Admission is $75 +HST and that includes lunch and recipe packages. For more information about Cooking with Hannah Glasse, visit the event page on the Fort York website here.

FY Events - Photo from Unsplash I - By Andy Chilton

And for the other upcoming event slated to take place in the 1826 Officers’ Mess Kitchen at the Fort York National Historic Site? Little Cakes and Biscuits promises to be as delightful and delicious as it sounds! On Sunday, May 1 from 10:00am to 3:30pm, there will be another cooking excursion to the past, this time to the 19th century! Attendees will use the wood fire brick oven in Fort York’s 1826 Officers’ Mess Kitchen to make Georgian cakes and biscuits. There will be lessons on making and decorating queen’s cakes, oat cakes, Shrewsbury cakes, Filbert biscuits, chocolate biscuits and lots more, yummy 19th century favourites. You will leave the Little Cakes and Biscuits event at Fort York with a very happy stomach!

Similar to the Cooking with Hannah Glasse event, lunch and recipes are included in the price to attend Little Cakes and Biscuits. Pre-registration is also required and admission is $75 + HST.

Photo from Toronto.ca

Photo from Toronto.ca

There is lots to learn and lots to love about these upcoming events at the Fort York National Historic Site. For Liberty Village residents, the convenience of having a venue that offers such varied and interesting events is just another great perk of our location. Fort York brings the past to the present with all that they do and it’s always lots of fun to take the journey with them!


Written by L. D. Moore