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It’s Great to go Vintage!

| Written on February 15, 2017

It’s the marriage of two incredible events that are always cause for excitement in Liberty Village and throughout Toronto! Retro and vintage items have made a comeback and we celebrate and enjoy their revitalization every year in our area with an extra awesome double dose of the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market and the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show! Save the date (and, if you need to, also save some cash) because you’ll definitely want to get as much as you can from Toronto’s largest vintage events, taking place on Saturday, March 4 and Sunday, March 5 at Exhibition Place. For those who are thinking of calling our location home, that means that there would be less than a 10-minute walk between Liberty Central By The Lake Two and this biannual world of vintage and antique awesomeness in our area! That, friends, is très cool! Let’s begin with the details of the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market, shall we?

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Your love of one of a kind items will be put into overdrive at the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market. There’ll be variety and unique finds galore all under one roof and, it will be for two, fantastic days! There really is no better place and no better event in our city for original, antique and vintage accents, furnishings, jewellery, art, textiles and décor. So, you’re not in the market for new household items, or you’re not looking to add any additional décor to your Liberty Central By The Lake condo just now. We guarantee that you’ll still find something…make that several things to love at the Antique & Vintage Market and chances are, you won’t be able to walk away without them. Whether it’s a stunning jewellery box or a breath-taking tea set to take your tea game to the next level, or a unique tchotchke that will make the perfect gift for a friend or partner, there’ll be scores of vendors on site and thousands of items to explore (and fall for).

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There is something truly special about owning an item that feels like it has a story to tell. Just check out this Toronto Life piece that features vendor’s from last year’s Toronto Antique & Vintage Market and the incredible stories behind some of the great items that they have procured. Other items that you will be able to browse and purchase at this year’s Toronto Antique & Vintage Market include: antique prints, mid-century furnishings, vintage advertising, architectural salvage, fine jewellery, bohemian-style furnishings, vinyl records, Inuit sculptures, Manhattan glass and modernist jewellery. And here are some of the vendors who will be offering these incredible items, many of whom you may know from previous Toronto Antique & Vintage Market events:

20th Century Vintage

7 Rose Collection


Antique Allie

Artophile Gallery

AYK Design

Beaver Dam


Breathless Vintage

Call Her Kitten

Century Old

Claimed Vintage

Costume Society of Ontario

Czeslaw Budny

D & E Lake

Daniel Tsang

DeLuxe Vintage

Designer Collection

Donna Beasley

Earthly Possessions


Eddy Audette


Factory Girl

Fern’s Antiques

Flannigans Fabulous Finds


Gabriels Gifts Antiques


GLT Toronto

Guenter Dreeeke


House of Vintage

Ian Drummond

J & J Antiques

Jane Vining

Jill Marvin

Joie De Vintage

Life of Manek


Lois & Mike

Luxe Touch

M & P Leroy

Mayonia Vintage

McCool Antiques

Midge & Izzy Vintage

My Frugal Father

Native Stone Art


Nouveau Riche Vintage

Onwards and Upwards

Petticoat Lane Antiques

Poirier Schweitzer




Ray Miller

Reflections of Tyme

Renee Piche


Richard Fulton

Root Cellar

Samantha Howard Vintage

Scarlet’s Table

Sean George Pressed Glass & Goblets

Selector Records

She’s So Glam

Star of India

The Candle House

The Haberdashery

The Jones Collection

The Plantation Antiques

The VinNew Collection

The Vintage Domain

Union Label Vintage

Vanguard Vintage Clothing

Victory Girl Vintage

Vintage 30

Vintage By Suzanne

Vintage Soul Geek

Vintage Sparkle

What’ll I Wear


Woo-Hoo Décor


The Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition place will welcome thousands of patrons during the course of the two-day Toronto Antique & Vintage Market so you are encouraged to bring cash to do your shopping because, although there’ll be ATMs on site and some vendors will accept payment by Visa credit card, with so many people in attendance, lines at ATMs will get very long.

Admission to the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market is free for kids who are 12 and under and costs $10 cash (payable at the door) for everyone above the age of 12.  Even better, the price of admission to the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market also covers the cost of our next event, the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show!

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Great articles of clothing make you standout for all the right reasons and in all the right ways. They don’t conform to a set style or trend; they’re striking mostly because of how you wear them. That adage— Man makes the clothing, clothing doesn’t make the man— means just that! At the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, there will be tons (and we do mean tons) of incredible, one-of-a-kind and beautiful items of clothing that will make you turn any sidewalk into your personal runway! There’ll be clothing for formal events, casual outings as well as for every occasion in between and you really don’t need to be a vintage clothing aficionado to enjoy what will be available at this marketplace. There’ll be so much variety in the colours, cuts and styles of items being offered that, rather than catering to one body type or one fashion preference, it really does ring true that this event will cater to everyone! Plus, what better way to complement the right clothes than with equally incredible jewellery! There’ll be lots of pieces to choose from, and myriad vendors on site who will be offering them. If you’re going to go shopping, why not get everything you want and need in one go? The Vintage Clothing Market and the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market are a one-stop shop for clothing, jewellery, accessories and lots more!

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The list of vendors who you can look forward to seeing at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show are many of the same who will be helping you to get your antique shopping on at the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market! The same rules also apply regarding cash – it’s better to bring it than to show up without it. And, as if everything that awaits you at this collective vintage paradise isn’t enough, just by signing up for an email on the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show website or the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market website, you can get a discount pass for admission! Still not convinced about that you should make attending these events a must? Check out the Vintage Clothing Show and Antique & Vintage Market press pages for all the rave reviews and coverage that these events have gotten over the years!

The Toronto Vintage Clothing Show and the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market will run from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday, March 4 and from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Sunday, March 5. For even more on the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, check out this video or head over to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feeds. Stop by the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market to learn more about all that they have in store! Go all out vintage, antique and cool at these upcoming events. You won’t be disappointed.


Written by L. D. Moore