Farmers Market - Photo by Elaine Casap (Unsplash)

Liberty Village Farmers’ Market, The 2016 Season

Neighbourhood | Written on May 30, 2016

Fruits and vegetables are back in a very delicious way in Liberty Village. The 2016 Farmers’ Market season begins in Liberty Village on June 5 and there’s every reason to be excited! Fresh produce and all the yumminess they bring are definite cause for a mini celebration.

Farmers Market - Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko (Unsplash)

Canada’s first verified local market is once again setting up shop in Liberty Village on Hanna Street. MyMarket, the organization behind Liberty Village’s (as well as Bloor’s and East Lynn Park’s) local, seasonal food market has been championing fresh, local produce and the incredible men and women who grow them since they officially opened in May, 2007. They strongly believe in connecting local farmers, working outside of cities with the people living in them. And what a convenience for us in Liberty Village! There really is something about the Spring and Summer seasons, the warm temperatures and outdoor indulgences like, relaxing on patios (which we know a lot about in Liberty Village) that stirs cravings for dishes piled high with fresh, crisp fruits and vegetables. There is certainly a sense that, in these seasons, we should take full advantage of the outdoors and enjoy everything that comes with it, including the seasonal produce. For a select few neighbourhoods, like Liberty Village, that are located in a big city, MyMarket provides the incredible service of bridging the divide between the city and the areas outside of Toronto where farmers grow food, matching our desire for fresh, seasonal, delicious fruits and vegetables! No complaints here.

Farmers Market - Photo by Veeterzy (Unsplash)

The local Liberty Village farmers’ market is known for its incredible offerings. We’re often spoiled with free samples from the Monforte Dairy and VQA Winery stalls and this year, attendees can look forward to Liberty Village’s Maizal onsite! They are renowned throughout our neighbourhood (and Toronto) for their incredible Mexican cuisine. Also at this year’s Liberty Village Farmers’ Market? Freshly baked bread, freshly cut fries and poutine! It’s official, a trip to our local Farmers’ Market is deliciousness on a multitude of levels! In addition to the freshly baked goods sold by onsite vendors, there will also be local musicians who will be playing at different times throughout the year, as well as a vast range of produce that includes:






























Farmers Market - Photo by Maja Petric (Unsplash)

Every Sunday from June 5 to November 27 this year, between 9:00am and 2:00pm, local farmers will be bringing their own produce to our neighbourhood for sale. And with MyMarket, the guarantee is that the food you get is produced within our province. We can’t wait for the season to get underway! There is an unmistakable and added deliciousness to fruits and vegetables that are freshly picked. There are also tons of advantages to eating local foods: there are fewer pesticides on food that is grown for immediate consumption, there is less distance between where the food is grown and where it is available for purchase (talk about a seal of freshness), and you also get to know that you are supporting people in your area, an increasing rarity in a world of mass production. To have a farmers’ market in Liberty Village, available weekly to people in and around our neighbourhood is an undeniably awesome convenience!

Farmers Market - Photo by Leonie Wise (Unsplash)

To submit an application to host a stall at a MyMarket farmers’ market, for updates on events for the 2016 season, recipes or contact information head over to the MyMarket website. Fresh food is definitely the best food and we look forward to getting freshly picked produce, every week, right here in Liberty Village.


Written by L. D. Moore