Liberate Your Locker I

Liberty Village Liberates Its Lockers

Fun | Written on June 18, 2015

Toronto’s coolest garage sale is back for another year! The 4th annual Liberate Your Locker will be held on this Saturday, June 20th from 11am to 2:00pm on Lynn Williams Street (between Pirandello Street and Western Battery Road).


Photo via PowerMyLifeTX

Liberate your Locker has fast become a summer staple in Liberty Village with many people in our community looking forward to this yearly opportunity to “get liberated.” In actuality, it’s not just about getting rid of that funky artwork that no longer goes with your updated apartment or those clothes that no longer fit since you started frequenting GoodLife Fitness on Hanna Avenue. At Liberate Your Locker “you can buy, sell, barter and swap your way to a more organized life!” Talk about community living! Liberty Village has built a reputation as Toronto’s most diverse and creative neighbourhood and at each of the previous “Liberate Your Locker” events, we have lived up to this title. There is little doubt that the getting will be good once again with a bevy of original and really cool pieces available.

Reserve your space by emailing, Tables will be 6ft by 30 inches. A full table will cost $13 and a half table will be $6.50. Liberty Village is an eclectic community so you’re certain to find something that suits your taste.


Written by L. D. Moore