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Out day dog walking with Liberty Village Dog Pack

Neighbourhood | Written on January 6, 2015

According to our own observations, it seems Liberty Village has the highest amount of dogs than any other Toronto hood. Strolling through one condo lobby, it’s normal to see one or two dogs strutting like they run the place.

With so many four-legged pooches in area, we felt obliged to represent them on the frontlines, so we went on a dog walk with the friendly folks at Liberty Village Dog Pack. We got to know some of the playful pooches in the neighbourhood personally. Don’t forget to send us a pic of your dog @LiveInLibertyTO!

Ellie the Boxer

Name: Ellie

Breed: Boxer

Age: 1 year old

A longtime customer and one of the best dressed of the doggie crew, Ellie is playful, hyper and friendly. A total puppy. One of her most defining features is an adorable heart shape on her nose—though don’t be fooled, she does have a mischievous streak!

Cute Dogs Toronto

Name: Winston

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Age: 3 years

A superstar in the Liberty Village neighbourhood, Winston can be spotted from a block away by adoring fans, though clearly, it’s hard to get a paparazzi-style photo of this local celeb. Sweet yet stubborn, he knows where he wants to go and will make sure you take him there.

Cute Dogs Toronto

Name: Ripley & Lizzie

Breed: Pugs

Age: Ageless

Dressed in fashion-forward, matching fur jackets, Lizzie and Ripley aren’t brother and sister though they are BFFs. Lizzie is not heavily impressed by the other dogs, but she’ll put up with them since Ripley’s there.

Cute Dogs Liberty Village

Name: Petunia

Breed: Maltese mix

Age: 1 year old

Petunia is a happy go-lucky gal who just wants to be your buddy. Friendly, with boundless energy, she loves being petted by humans (she’s fascinated by us) though she’s almost as happy hanging out with her four-legged friends.

Liberty Village Dog Pack offers services including group and private dog walking, pet sitting and training. Don’t forget to follow them at @VillageDogPack and Facebook.