Park9 - Photo from Pexels I

Park9 + Liberty Village = a Pawsitively Purrfect Match

Neighbourhood | Written on July 25, 2016

The living is anything but “ruff” for pets in Liberty Village. In our Live in Liberty blog, we’ve made no secret of our love for the furry companions that are a part of our neighbour. From Liberty Village’s Spooktacular Dog Walk to the pet-tastic Pampered Pooches event to the recent opening of two incredible pet services in our area – the Liberty Village Animal Hospital and Walk My Dog – we are always keen to share news and information about pet care services in Liberty Village. And might we add, the range and quality of pet offerings and events in Liberty Village is pretty stellar! (Just another reason why living in our neighbourhood rocks!) There’s yet another new pet service that has decided to call Liberty Village home and my oh my are we excited! Villagers and pet-lovers, you’ll certainly want to take note of the newest addition to our pet care family: the pawsitively pet-tastic Park9!

Photo from Park9

Photo from Park9

Let’s start with a bit of history, shall we? For some, the name “Park9” may ring of familiarity. Park9 is a pet resort that offers the ultimate in luxury for your beloved, furry (or hairless) companion. UrbanDog has been providing a lot of oh la la lavishness for pets across Toronto for 13 years. Last year, Park9 became a part of the UrbanDog family of hospitality and pampering group of companies and services and it was a match as perfect as peanut butter and jelly or, bulldogs and bowties. (Seriously, have you ever seen a bulldog in a bowtie? It’s an overload of cuteness).

Photo from TorontoLife

Photo from TorontoLife

If you are familiar with Park9’s location close to Pearson International Airport or their Distillery District facility, you’ll know that we aren’t kidding. This really is a luxurious, cage-free, crate-free getaway for your cat or dog. Some of their offerings at these locations include:

A guest room for pets; owners have the option to choose private spaces or sleep areas that are shared with other pets

Regularly staffed facilities, including overnight staff

A constant supply of fresh air via HVAC and A/C systems

Safe outdoor play areas

Stimulating activities

A chlorine-free pool

For pet owners, the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pet is being taken care of while you travel or simply as a treat to them, is really indescribable. Park9 promises just that. We really couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to our pet-friendly, pet-loving neighbourhood.

So where can you find Park9 in Liberty Village and how soon can you begin to make bookings for your pet to experience their incredible world of luxury? Park9’s newest location is at 1071 King Street West and they will be hosting their grand opening in September! Woohoo! And you won’t want to miss it either. The official announcement is forthcoming but we have heard words like “terrific” and “epic” being used in reference to this grand event in September.

Photo from TorontoLife

Photo from TorontoLife

In the meantime, you’ll be happy to know that they are currently open for business! And with this soft opening they’re already offering a whole lot of goodies including, sneak peaks, pet-tastic events and special opening rates. Your dogs and cats can also enjoy play care, grooming and their boarding services! Park9, would you consider offering services these services for pet owners as well because this all sounds like a dream? And it’s not just  about the services that they offer, when you speak with people who know and use Park9,  you truly get the sense that they love what they do! Park 9 Liberty Village staff member, Zoe puts it this way: “At Park9 we pride ourselves on providing a family-like atmosphere across all of our locations”. Villagers, that means that in our area, we can expect to enjoy the same incredible service that they are known for, and with the added bonus of a unique facility that comes equipped with a large deck. We can already see events being hosted on the deck or Liberty Village pet-owners conversing in this open area while they drop off or pick up their pets.

Photo from The Star

Photo from The Star

We really are over the moon about welcoming Park9 to Liberty Village. Their elation is palpable as well.  Park9’s Zoe says, “We’re so excited to open our third location in the heart of Toronto’s west end, providing Park9 play care and boarding across the city. There’s so many amazing dog owners, veterinarians, and an extended dog community in Liberty Village; we’re thrilled to be here and meet all of our new neighbours.” Well, Zoe we really look forward to meeting you as well!

Park9 - Photo from Pexels II

Park9’s Liberty Village website is currently under construction but you can learn about their pricing through the Urban Dog website: They invite you to visit them on Instagram as well at @park9dogs. You can also get updates about Park9 in Liberty Village by searching the #Park9LibertyVillage hashtag. And, if you’re not on Twitter or Instagram, you can connect with Park9 via email for questions or for additional information at

We really do have it all for pet owners and pets in Liberty Village…or at least we do now. We’re certain that Park9’s Liberty Village location will be right at home among the dog walking services, pet supply stores, veterinarian clinics and parks that offer love and care for the pets in our area. We look forward to introducing our pets to your newest location, Park9!


Written by L. D. Moore