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Pure Yoga in Liberty Village is Pure Awesomeness

Neighbourhood | Written on January 11, 2017

The timing couldn’t be any better. Just as we turn our thoughts to better habits, healthier eating and vow to commit to new exercise regimens, Pure Yoga opens its first location in Toronto! What’s more, they’ve chosen Liberty Village as the site of their first location outside of Ottawa! Yes, Villagers, keeping your New Year’s resolutions not only got easier they’ll now be a whole lot more fun!

Liberty Village continues to attract incredible businesses and services and we are thrilled to welcome Pure Yoga to the family. If the friendliness, warmth and unique charm of our neighbourhood are indicators, we’re sure that Pure Yoga will feel right at home here. We first learned about Pure Yoga’s Liberty Village studio from our CanAlfa’s Vice President, Amanda Kirkland, who took several classes at the new location during their opening week.  The high praise and recommendations for Pure Yoga came pouring in from her shortly after! So, how did this trendy Yoga studio with 3 locations in Ottawa arrive in Liberty Village? In our interview for this blog, we learned that when trying to select a location in our city, Liberty Village’s sense of community was one of our neighbourhood’s traits that stood out for the Pure Yoga team. As Pure Yoga’s owner explained, choosing the right location was all about community; “we loved the community vibe of Liberty Village”. We are definitely a close-knit, vibrant and welcoming group in our neighbourhood and we’re always looking to expand our family. You’ve chosen well, Pure Yoga Toronto! Now, let’s get to it, shall we? Pure Yoga is all sorts of great and we’re excited to tell you about what makes this studio a wonderful place to make your yoga dreams a reality.

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Pure Yoga offers Vinyasa yoga courses, practiced in an infrared heated room, and, you could say that they are “pure” awesomeness! The list of classes they offer include: Pure Flow, Pure Core, Pure Power, Pure Yang/Yin, Pure Beats and Pure Candlelite. The different elements of each class help you to strengthen and tone your body, improve your flexibility and, through practice in heated rooms, flush out toxins. Pure Yoga’s owner describes it this way: “we practice Vinyasa yoga in an infrared heated room [and] the practice focuses on transitioning with strength and ease…Moving with confidence and grace, these are lessons for on and off the mat.” Well said! And once you take a course at Pure Yoga, you’ll know how true those words are. There really is something about Pure Yoga’s hot yoga classes that revitalizes and invigorates you in a way that feels intense and also makes you feel really good about yourself and what you’re doing! There’s no doubt that you’ll walk away from Pure Yoga’s classes feeling better than you did walking in. And to us, that’s the mark of a good workout!

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Whether you’ve practiced yoga for years or, if this blog marks the first time that you’ve heard the words, downward and dog used together, Pure Yoga’s great team and their selection of classes offer something for you. There’s certainly no need to feel intimidated or, conversely, that you won’t be challenged enough by Pure Yoga’s classes. Their instructors, Patricia, Amica, Melissa, Queenie, Jonathan, April, Lisa, Bree, Jaffer and Ella are consummate professionals with years of experience between them. They are great at what they do and will help guide you through your practice. If you are looking for a class that you’ll feel great about going to, regardless of your age, size, and experience level, you’ll find it at Pure Yoga.

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Pure Yoga has also developed a schedule that will work for you, no matter what your work hours or commitments are. For those early risers, Pure Yoga has classes that begin at 6:30am or, if you prefer to get your workout in later in the day, there are classes that start as late as 9:00pm. Of course, there are myriad other times throughout the day that you can practice (check out their schedule online for the full class listing and to reserve courses). If you live in Liberty Village or if you’re commuting from another neighbourhood to get a Pure Yoga course in, you’ll have the choice of a range of classes that take place in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening hours. Pure Yoga thoughtfully and conveniently caters to you.

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Taking the leap to a new yoga studio or a new exercise style isn’t always easy. At Pure Yoga, your first class is always free. Once you decide you love it, you can try out your first month for $40 or drop in for future classes for $20. There are also 5 and 10 class packages for $90 and $160 respectively. For people who practice twice a week or more, the unlimited monthly membership for $120 is ideal! Plus, if you sign up for the monthly membership during your first month, you’ll be treated to a discount! There are also discounts for seniors and students! For more information about their packages you can head to the Pure Yoga Toronto website.

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In the short time since Pure Yoga has opened their doors at 47 Fraser Avenue, they have really embraced the Liberty Village spirit and have impressed us with their great classes and their friendly and professional staff. It bears repeating that we’re thrilled to welcome them our neighbourhood!

So, grab your yoga mat (or rent one when you get there) and try a class at this modern facility, that’s equipped with showers and lots of conveniences! Once you do, get ready to usher in a new yoga addiction as the New Year gets in full swing. We’re sold on Pure Yoga and we bet you’ll be too but in case you need one last nudge, we’ll leave you with this invitation from Pure Yoga’s owner:

There’s a class here for everyone! Whether you’ve just stepped foot on your mat or you’ve worn a hole in it from all those sun salutes, we’ve curated a wonderful and well-rounded list of teachers. Need to unwind at the end of the week? Check out the restorative Pure Yang/Yin. Itching to let out some energy after work? Come try a Pure Beats. We also offer variety of workshops from Pure Flow Basics to arm balancing and handstands with exclusive membership discounts.


Plus, you’ll also be able to meet Joplin, the studio Australian Shepherd who’s always looking for belly rubs! See you at practice!


Written by L. D. Moore