Single de Mayo

Single de Mayo in Liberty Village

Fun | Written on May 7, 2015

Do you consider yourself a terrible, no-good, rotten person with horrible habits and an all-around nasty demeanour? You aren’t alone. If you’re also single then you might have found yourself in equally bad company at the Single de Mayo event in Liberty Village on May 5, 2015.

Liberty Village’s event calendar is bursting at the seams with fun events aimed at different age groups, and for persons with varying interests – check out our recent blogs on the Pampered Pooches Festival and See & Be Seen Eyecare’s Summer Jam. The Single de Mayo event was another of those cool activities taking place in Liberty Village and inviting Torontonians from near and far to join in. As the name suggests, Single de Mayo was intended for singles in the city, but only those with a sense of humour and in complete agreement that being alone is less than ideal, needed apply. With the tagline, “a singles event for horrible people,” it was clear that the event’s promotional team aimed to take this singles gathering in a different direction than most, and it worked brilliantly.

Single de Mayo Event Poster

A quick glance at the Single de Mayo Twitter feed will reveal ‘unpleasant’ exchanges between potential attendees and the Single de Mayo social media team. Not to worry though, it was all in good fun. There was never any attempt to demean or degrade persons wanting to engage with Single de Mayo on Twitter but, horrible single people often say horrible things so if things got a bit testy at times, whose fault was it really? You could tell that people were willingly playing along too. The same was true of Facebook.

You have to hand it to the organizers, planning an event and using awful customer service to promote it, and still have it be a success, is a clever bit of marketing. The night wasn’t just about being in the company of other unhappy singles though. Single de Mayo’s roster included a plan to try to set the Guinness World Record for the largest Cards against Humanity tournament and an opportunity to be named the Most Horrible Single Person Ever (male and female) – we promise you, this was a good thing!

The ambiance for the evening was set by Drake’s OVO DJ and refreshments were provided by the very popular and always delicious, Gusto 101. There were also gifts for attendees. Entrance to Single de Mayo was $25 for those who pre-purchased their tickets and $30 for persons who bought tickets at the door.

It seems as well that even really terrible people can’t resist a good cause. Proceeds from the Single de Mayo event went to the Blessings in a Backpack Foundation through the Lifeline Foundation and the Liberty Village Residents’ Association.

If the last two weeks have been any indication, it will be another fun-filled summer in Liberty Village. Continue to check out our blogs for information and reviews on great events in Liberty Village.


Written by L D Moore