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Singles Night at Metro Liberty Village

Fun | Written on May 27, 2015

Single ladies and gentlemen, you may want to delay this week’s grocery shopping until Thursday.

Here’s the scene: It’s Thursday. You’re home alone, watching that film you like for the 700th time and thinking about calling friends to make plans for the weekend. There are definite perks to being single. On this particular occasion though you can’t seem to recall any of them. If only there were somewhere close by where you could meet someone, casually. Perhaps talk to them for a bit and have more of a chance encounter than a blind date.

Enter Metro Supermarket (Yes! The Supermarket). On Thursday, May 28th the Metro grocery store located at 100 Lynn Williams Street in Liberty Village will be a matchmaker haven. It appears that all those stories you heard about finding true love when your fingers touch while reaching for the same apple in the supermarket may ring true after all.

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This is what you need to know about the event:
Singles Night, as it has been named, will run from 7pm until 10pm and will be hosted by media personality and romance expert, Jen Kirsch. Of course, if you don’t have love on the brain and need to head to the grocery store just to pick up a few things, don’t let the event deter you. There’ll be no confusion about who’s there to mingle and who is not since persons participating in Singles Night will receive a ribbon to indicate their involvement in the evening as well as their relationship status.For those who are single and ready and willing to mingle, when you arrive at Metro, simply head over to the event table, sign up and start shopping. Simple, right? And, as a “thank you” for participating in the event, Metro is also giving away free gift bags.


Jen Kirsch writes, “Grocery stores in general are great places to meet people!” Needless to say, Ms. Kirsch knows a thing or two about the subject. And if that doesn’t help to allay your fears, consider this: the Metro at Liberty Village has been named one of the Top Ten Places in the City to meet singles by The event has also been published and tweeted about by the Toronto Metro newspaper.
The evening really does promise to be fun. There are lots of surprises planned for participants and music will be provided by DJ Likileaks. If you’re single and live in or close to Liberty Village, don’t spend Thursday, May 28th at home. Grab your grocery list and a smile and head to Metro Supermarket for a few hours of shopping and socializing. You never know, Mr. or Ms. Right may be waiting for you in aisle three.

Written by L D Moore