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Sunny Summer Days at Sunnyside

Fun | Written on July 21, 2016

Summer in Toronto is heating up… and we’re not just talking about the temperature. Liberty Village and Toronto have seen a vast and eclectic array of events and activities this summer! Some have been recurring, annual events while others are new and dynamic. The availability of places to visit and activities to engage in to occupy the long summer days also seems to have increased. For us, it often feels like Liberty Village is at the centre of it all, or at least in close proximity to some of our city’s most interesting and exciting events. And in that vein, one of our city’s most well-known locales (located not too far from our Liberty Central By The Lake Two site) has reopened after a multi-year renovation.

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The Sunnyside Pavilion Café has long been a favourite dining spot for Torontonians and tourists alike. Its historical significance to our city – it is housed in a designated heritage building— make it a must-visit locale for many, in particular during the summer season. Lots of reasons make it an incredible spot this season:

The option to enjoy delicious cocktails and equally delicious dishes in a great place

The casual and welcoming feel of its environs

The openness of the location invites cool breezes and is a great area to take in beautiful scenery

These traits undoubtedly beckon those visiting our area and located in surrounding neighbourhoods to head over for a relaxing and all around incredible time. For us in Liberty Village, the short 5-minute drive is well-worth it, especially when the trade-off is a fantastic restaurant with great offerings and an opportunity to relax, near the water on a warm summer evening. Who needs a trip to the Caribbean when this is right at our doorstep?

Pavilion - Photo from SunnysidePavilion

The Sunnyside Beach Park has been a Toronto staple since the 1800s. Yup, you read that correctly! Of course, things were a bit different back then. The streetcars were only just being introduced in our city and the boardwalk was built in the years following to support the beach’s and the pavilion’s growing popularity. An amusement park followed shortly thereafter. The café, with an increasing number of nearby events, businesses and attractions was a welcomed addition. Fast forward to 2014, to a more recent history, when the Sunnyside Pavilion has evolved to become a name synonymous with a breezy, beachy, relaxed, present-day Toronto. Due to its designation as a heritage site, the decision to renovate the 2nd floor observation deck was not as direct a process as other city upgrades might have been. But, like many a masterpiece, the final product was well worth the wait. The Sunnyside Pavilion’s observation deck reopened this summer and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. With the summer that we have been having, being able to end a long, warm day with one of the incredible sunsets, visible from the pavilion’s second floor or, simply to enjoy a weekend day looking out and seeing everything happening below really is a treat.

Pavilion - Photo from Pexels - Pool

And while you’re visiting the Sunnyside Pavilion’s Observation Deck, you also have to make a stop at the swimming pool! What better way to cool off than by taking advantage of this great feature! The Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool has also been around for several decades, since 1925 to be exact, and is open seasonally, typically beginning in June each year. Registered programs are offered to persons of all ages and include courses like swim fit, pre-school swim, private swim lessons and ultra-swim. Additionally, the facilities open daily for leisure swimming from 10:00am to 3:45pm and from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. We’re cooling off just thinking about this! The Sunnyside Park Bathing Pavilion is located adjacent to the pool and includes a changing room, fieldhouse and shop!

Pavilion - Photo from Pexels - Pizza

While the Sunnyside Pavilion Café’s summer menu leaves nothing to be desired – delicious seafood dishes, gourmet burgers, wood-fire oven pizzas and a range of mouth-watering appetizers – and the Sunnyside Pool offers a great way to cool off, there are several other options for fun things to do in the area.

Sunnyside Park

In addition to the Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool, visitors often head visit the Sunnyside Park close by. With its picnic site and a wading pool for kids, a short stop often quickly turns into a fun-filled day with friends and family. You can also play volleyball, go for a bike ride, enjoy some of the planned music events and festivals nearby, go for a walk or just take in the spectacular scenery. And yes, this is all in the same area! There’s parkland, water and a combined view and ambiance that really will take your breath away. At Liberty Central By The Lake Two, with our nearness to the lake and our sweeping views of the city, we don’t take the promise of incredible scenery lightly! But really, it is the combination of all these things that make a day trip to newly renovated Observation Deck, the Sunnyside Café and the Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool and the Sunnyside Park every bit the perfect summer activity in our city. We’ll definitely be heading that way from Liberty Village! See you soon!


Written by L. D. Moore