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The Liberty Village “Liberate Your Locker” Event

Neighbourhood | Written on June 14, 2016

Just think of it as Toronto’s most awesome garage sale! Liberate Your Locker returns to Liberty Village for its 5th year this Saturday, June 18 and we should all be very, very excited.

Liberate - Photo from Unsplash by Jazmin Quaynor

The Liberty Village Resident’s Association is hosting another epic neighbourhood swap, sale, barter and buy “Liberate Your Locker” event from 11am to 4:00pm at the Liberty Village Park (70 East Liberty Street), and, if previous years are any indication, the getting is going to be gooood at this local fair.  For our neighbourhood, there really is no better opportunity to offload a closet full of items that you’ve never worn and won’t ever wear. Those tools that you bought during your 3-month DIY phase that are still in their original packaging? We’re sure you’ll get a great price for them! It may have seemed like a great idea to buy those shoes that were a half size too small at the time. I mean, c’mon, they were on sale AND they’re super cute. Your feet disagreed strongly when you got home and tried to wear them. It’s time to get rid of them. And let’s not even talk about that art work that clashes with everything in your condo! Yeah, it looked really cool in the store. In your condo? Not so much. Get on board the Liberty Village spring cleaning train and “liberate” those items from your apartment.

Liberate - Photo from Unsplash

If you subscribe to the “I don’t ever get rid of stuff cause, well…you never know…” way of living, it will certainly help to remember that the “Liberate Your Locker” event isn’t just about downsizing your apartment clutter, it’s also about great finds and deals from fellow Villagers! And it may not cost you a thing! You may just be able to strike a deal for an exchange. That’s one of the things that makes this event to great! You just never know what you’ll walk away with!

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And, if things don’t work out for a trade, there’ll also be options to sell items. Just name your price! This year, our Resident’s Association has increased the number of payment options that will be available to event attendees. MintChip will be onsite to help first-timers set up and use their payment system. You’ll be able to transfer payment for an item or items directly from your bank account, just by entering an email address! Now that’s what we call convenient! If you’d like to learn about MintChip, check out this tutorial or, if you’re ready to go cash-free and set up MintChip, you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Photo by LVRA

Photo by LVRA

Villagers, let’s get “liberated”! To reserve a table for this year’s Liberate Your Locker, contact the event’s organizers via email at by Monday, June 13th. Tables cost $15. We’re ready to get our swapping and our shopping on this weekend in our ‘hood, so, this week we’ll be combing through our Liberty Central By The Lake condo to make room for all the goodies that we’re sure that we’ll be coming home with on Saturday. We bet you’ll be doing the same.


Cover Photo by Becky Tountas


Written by L. D. Moore