Mac + Cheese III

The Macaroni & Cheese Festival Comes to Liberty Village

Fun | Written on May 20, 2015

Something delicious this way comes. And that thing is a 3-day (Yes! T-h-r-e-e –day) Macaroni and Cheese Festival in Liberty Village. If you aren’t already seated, you may want to grab a chair. The remainder of this blog promises to contain so many yummy references, you may just get knocked off your feet.

Here goes:
From June 5-7, Liberty Village will be home to Toronto’s first-ever, 3-day Macaroni and Cheese Festival. Admission is free and the festival is open to the general public, though the organizers have opted for a token system which will allow token-holders to sample as much macaroni and cheese as they can handle! No need to rub your eyes. You read that clearly! Purchase as many tokens as you want. Eat as much macaroni and cheese as you want! The tokens are also good for beverages, so come prepared to enjoy a complete meal!

Mac + Cheese I

While good macaroni and cheese is a welcome enough treat, this festival promises to take that delicious classic to whole other level with twenty-five gourmet dishes prepared by chefs, food entrepreneurs and savvy cooks alike. Votes will be tabulated in several categories so be sure to make a note of the dishes you enjoyed the most and couldn’t wait to sample again and again and again. The awards presented will be for, “Best of Fest,” “Most Unique,” and perhaps the most coveted, “People’s Choice.” The latter comes with $5000 and will be awarded to the dish that earns the most votes at the festival, undoubtedly, a well-deserved honour for any cooks that stand out among such stellar competition.

Mac + Cheese IIThere will be a “Lazy Lounge” where you can take a load off in between rounds of mac and cheese indulgence and a “Beer Garden” which, ahem, needs no explanation. We’ll instead just offer up a round of cheers for whoever thought of that idea!

Even more than several days of mouth-watering cheesiness, the three-day fest was envisioned with a charitable cause in mind. Proceeds from the Macaroni and Cheese Festival will go to FoodShare Toronto, a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education. Looking for reasons other than charity and finger-licking deliciousness to attend this event? The Mac and Cheese Festival will also offer entertainment in the form of open-mic artists, live bands, DJs and other performers. How can you feel guilty about satiating your desire for cheesy goodness when there’s an opportunity to work off all those calories with dancing? We don’t know about you, but we’re sold—though in truth, we were already hooked at the mention of the words, “macaroni” and “cheese”.

As of the date of this article’s posting, there were almost 50,000 people who had RSVP’ed on the event’s Facebook page. A large turnout is certainly expected. For a peek at some of chef profiles and some of the yumminess heading your way during this festival, check out the event page: or their Facebook page:

Once again, Liberty Village is the place to be, this time from June 5-7 at 171 East Liberty Street for Toronto’s first-ever Macaroni and Cheese Festival! #MacFest15, we’re so ready!


Written by L D Moore