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The Ritual App Makes Fast Food In Liberty Village Faster

| Written on September 24, 2015

In our last blog we introduced you to two great restaurants that will be opening in Liberty Village. This time around, we’re introducing you to a great way to have the orders you place at lots of equally incredible restaurants ready and waiting for you the moment you walk through their door. What can we say? We appreciate all things awesome in Liberty Village!

Ritual - Photo by Ritual Co

We’re talking about a very cool new app that’s creating buzz and making its user’s days more convenient, one swipe at a time. “Ritual,” the app with the name that forewarns of immediate addictiveness is getting rave reviews from everyone who tries it and once we gave it a whirl, we understood why. One of the primary reasons that it has created so much excitement in the short time that it’s been on the market is undoubtedly because of how easy it is to use and how convenient its creators have made it for Torontonians to place, pay for and receive their food (and yes, drink) orders in record time.

Thus far, Ritual is only available in five areas of Toronto: King West, the Entertainment District, St. Lawrence Market, Discovery District, and, of course, Liberty Village. And we couldn’t be more excited! There is, after all, a multitude of great restaurants and cafes in and around our area. Who wouldn’t want to be first in line for all the deliciousness they offer.

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Currently, Ritual allows “urban professionals” the option to request and sign up for an account, ideally with their business email address. The request typically takes less than twenty-fours and once your receive an email confirmation, you’re all set to create your password and become an official Ritual app user. In step two of the sign-up process, you are prompted to enter your credit card information. This is where the magic of this app begins to happen. Once you have done so and followed the other prompts to finish creating your account, you are free to navigate, find your favourite restaurants in your area (where the app is currently available) and place your order.  It really takes three quick steps:

(1) Place the order via your phone.
(2) Head to the restaurant/café where you’ve placed the order.
(3) Pick up your order when you get there.

Then, you can breathe a sigh of pure bliss and gratitude that you live in Liberty Village (or one of the other neighbourhoods where Ritual is currently available) and can now experience this level of awesomeness every day. (Perhaps that should be step four).

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Getting your morning coffee has never been this easy (and fast), plus, there’s no hassle to walk around with your bag or wallet. You can simply place and pay for your order via your phone and pick it up while you’re on a break from work, on your way to work or leaving for the day.

If you’re wondering if your favourite restaurants are on Ritual, the good news is that even if they aren’t yet, with all the buzz surrounding this new app, they’ll undoubtedly be joining really soon. With a promise of shorter lines, fewer errors due to cash payments in store and happier customers, it’s really a win/win.

Some of Liberty Village’s favourites that have joined the Ritual App are:

Oats and Ivy
Fat Bastard Burrito
It’s A Wrap
Raaw Japonese Cuisine
Live (Raw Organic Bar)
Liberty Village Rotisserie and Grill
Burrito Burrito
KOJA (Korean and Japanese Restaurant)
In Japan (Take-Out Restaurant)
Magic Oven Pizza
Thai Room (Thai and Malaysian Cuisine)
Liberty Village Market and Café

If you work in the neighbouring King West area, there are also lots of great restaurants to choose from on Ritual, including, Freshii, Big Smoke Burger, Le Gourmand, Gandhi Indian Cuisine, Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine, Saffron Spice Kitchen, Pizzaiolo, What a Bagel, Kinton Ramen, Sushi & Bento, Nook, Fusaro’s Kitchen, Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters, Atlas and lots more.

If only everything in life could be as seamless and convenient as the Ritual app. If you haven’t already, give it a try. It will change your world, in a very awesome way.