Agriculture - Photo from The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Returns For Another Great Year!

Fun | Written on November 4, 2016

We’re tempted to pull out the trumpet to announce this blog. An event of the magnitude that we’re about to discuss deserves an introduction that’s worthy of its awesomeness. The event we’re referring to is, of course, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Ladies and gentleman, it’s that incredible time of the year again. The annual Royal Agricultural Fair is coming to Exhibition Place, a 10-minute walk from us. Get ready Villagers, from Friday, November 4 to Sunday November 13, we’ll be cheering, eating, watching, dancing and participating in every way possible in the array of fun and exciting activities, shows and attractions that will make up this year’s program. Let’s delve into the details, shall we?

Agriculture - Photo from The Royal Agricultural Fair

The Royal Agricultural Fair is broken down into four dynamite categories: Agriculture, Horse Show Events, Food & Lifestyle and Entertainment. There are no misnomers here. It’s called the Royal Agricultural Fair for a reason, so let’s turn our attention to elements that make this a royal fair!

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels III

The Royal Agricultural Fair is, first and foremost, about animals. Try for a moment to wrap your mind around the fact that there will be over 2,000 competitions featuring more than 5,000 animals at this year’s event! There will be animals big and small. From sheep, goats and cattle to rabbits and poultry, you will no doubt be blown away by the range of different varieties, sizes and subspecies of these well-known animals. Adults and kids alike will be awed by 8 unique breeds of sheep, 50 different kinds of poultry, 100 different types of rabbits and, that’s just to name a few. In case you missed it when we said if before: there will be loads of breeds and selections of animals! This is the stuff of TV shows and lifelong memories. Don’t miss out.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels XI

Get ready with a wine glass, a knife and a fork. We’re about to switch gears to a different type of fair activity. The Royal Agricultural Fair is celebrating local and Canadian-made produce and foods in a big, dynamic way! In other words: this Fair’s food competitions are out of this world! The list of competitions include:

Two types of wine and grapes

  • The Royal Wine Competition – An event that will feature wines from across Ontario, judged by expert panellists.
  • Honey and Beeswax Competition – Judges will undoubtedly delight in this sweet affair that includes 5 different types of honey.

Strawberry jam

  • Jams, Jellies & Pickles – This competition is as delicious as it sounds and will feature contests for the best strawberry jam, marmalade and dill pickles.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels X

  • Field Crops – Fresh is always best and this competition will focus on the best wheat, barley, oat and sheave crops.
  • Maple Syrup – Things may get sticky with this competition but it will be worth it. Judges will select the best maple syrup based on a number of qualities, including clarity, density and flavour.
  • Butter Tarts – These yummy treats can be entered in both amateur and professional divisions and judged as either traditional treats or based on their creativity.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels VI

  • Apples – Nothing beats a fresh, crisp apple and judges in these competitions will have a delicious task in store for them to pick the best of the bunch in 3 separate categories: Commercial, Heritage and New Variety.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels IV

  • Cheese and Butter – With hundreds of pounds of different cheeses being judged in five different categories, this competition will definitely have the judges saying, well, “cheese!” Some of the cheeses to expect include brie wheels, cheddar, flavoured goat’s cheese and buffalo milk cheese.
  • Vegetables and Potatoes – No fair would be complete without a competition that focuses on different kinds and sizes of fresh produce. There will be pumpkins, onions, potatoes and a host of other fruits and veggies.


From food to festivity. The competitions and fun at the Royal Agricultural Fair continue with one of the event’s most talked about highlights – the horse shows! The Royal Agricultural Fair is all about doing things in a big way and the horse show is the number one indoor equestrian event in North America! Attendees can look forward to show jumping, indoor eventing, dressage and entertainment featuring well-known equestrian performers. The horse shows will include more than 1,000 competitions with the most sought after prize being the title of “Royal Champion”. The full schedule of events for the horse shows, with times, is available on the Royal Agricultural Fair website.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels XII

Next on the list of event categories at the Royal Agricultural Fair is the Food and Lifestyle segment. There’ll be nothing left unexplored and untried here. There’ll be features ranging from healthy living tips, wine competitions, culinary shows, cooking competitions, appliance and tech demos, and, of course, there will also be tastings! Some of the special competitions that patrons can look forward to include:

  • The Burnbrae Farms Food and Lifestyle Stage – There’ll be lots to marvel (and salivate) at in this series, including daily food demonstrations with local chefs and a range of food, wine and beer showcases.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels V

  • Egg Farmers of Ontario Road to Royal Chef Challenge – Chefs will compete at designated locations across Ontario for the opportunity to participate at the Royal Agricultural Fair’s 4th annual Egg Farmers of Ontario Road to Royal Chef Challenge.
  • The Royal Wine Competition – There will be an impressive selection of Ontario-produced wines that will be entered in this year’s competition and many will be available for tasting at this year’s Royal Agricultural Show!
  • The Royal International Invitations Chef Challenge— Top chefs from Canada, the US and abroad will compete to win the title of the 3rd annual Royal Agricultural Fair’s International Chef.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels VII

  • The Royal High School Chef Competition – For the second year, teams made up of up to 4 students are invited to enter the recipe of their choice for this competition. This event is made possible through a partnership with FoodShare Toronto.
  • Champions Day –Royal Champion products invite you to bring out your inner foodie and try their cheeses, jams, honey and wines.

There will also be 6 incredible onsite restaurants: The Royal Court, The Hitching Ring, Tanbark Club, Bullpen Saloon, The Bit & Bridle Pub and Vineyard & Brewhouse. Opening hours range from 5:30 am to 1:00 am and reservations are required for The Royal Court, The Hitching Ring and Tanbark Club.

Agriculture - Photo from Pexels VIII
And of course, the Royal Agricultural Fair will include lots and lots of entertainment! This really is an event for all ages, for friends and for families to attend. There will be rodeos, variety shows featuring amazing animals, horse acts, an art battle, square dancing, polo matches, butter sculpting, a winter gallery, music showcases and more! If fun is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in abundance at the Royal Agricultural Fair! There’s lots of additional information about the different shows, competitions and activities that make up this incredible event available on the Royal Agricultural Show website. Tickets for the Royal Agricultural Fair can be purchased online and differ in cost according to the day, age of the person attending and the event. General admission for adults (18-64 years old) is $25, general admission for seniors (65+) is $19 and general admission for youths (4-17 years old) is $16. Kids who are 3 and under can attend for free. General admission family passes (2 adult and 2 children) are also available for $56.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is an event unlike any other and it’s not to be missed. Check the schedule of events and plan a day or a few days to head to Exhibition Place to be awed and entertained in a very novel way.


Written by L. D. Moore