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Welcome to the 2016 Canadian National Exhibition (The EX)

Fun | Written on August 11, 2016

It’s such a wonderful time of the year! Coming up on our list of incredible activities to enjoy in our area this summer: The Canadian National Exhibition!

CNE - Animal - Photo from Childslife

Yes folks, it’s that time again! Time for Canada’s largest fair, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), or the EX for short. And for us in Liberty Village, there’s always even more reason to be excited when the CNE rolls into town. It’s not only an incredible event that promises fun-filled days and memories galore, it’s always really exciting to know that the CNE and all that it offers happens right at our doorstep.

As in previous years, the CNE will take at Exhibition Place, less than a 15-minute walk or 10 minutes by public transit from our Liberty Central By The Lake Two location in Liberty Village. The convenience of our location and the myriad events and activities that take place in and around our neighbourhood never ceases to amaze and thrill us! So let’s get down to it, shall we? Let’s go to the EX:

This year, the 18-day event will kick off on Friday, August 19 and will continue until Monday, September 5. And it goes without saying, there will be something there for everyone! The event and activity categories are impressive and offer hours of entertainment, education and enjoyment:

CNE - Plane - Photo from Pexels

Air Show – The Canadian International Air Show will take place from September 3 to September 5 at the CNE grounds and will offer a magnificent display by the Breitling Jet Team, the CF-18 Hornet, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and more! Attendance at the Air Show is free with admission.

Aerial Acrobatic and Ice Skating – Prepare to be amazed. For another year, Olympian Joannie Rochette and Elvis Stojko will delight crowds with acrobatics and ice skating performances. Their shows will run for the duration of the CNE – from August 19 to September 5.

CNE - Animal III - Photo from Pexels

Animals – There are animals and then there are the animals at this year’s CNE! Attendees will be awed by the incredible animal shows at this year’s event! At the 2016 CNE, there’ll be great, interactive farm programs that teach kids about animals, produce, agriculture, fishing and, wait for it, butter sculpting! For the duration of this year’s CNE, there’ll also be a “SuperDogs” show with dogs performing incredible tricks; a “Cat Show” (August 27-28) and “Reptilia” (August 19-September 5) where a range of reptiles from, including alligators, tortoises, boas, pythons and iguanas  will be on display.

CNE - Casino - Photo from Pexels

Casino – Win or lose there’ll be lots of fun to be had here! The casino opens a few weeks before the official August 19 opening of the CNE and continues until September 5. As one of the CNE’s most popular features, the casino is always a big draw and offers a range of games including: roulette, multi-action black jack, WAR, Texas Hold ‘Em, 3-card poker and Spanish 21. The casino will also have a private, air-conditioned room for some games and an outdoor patio, with daily entertainment where visitors can dine and enjoy performances.

CNE - Food II- Photo from Pexels

Celebrity Chefs – Talk about star power! Throughout the course of this year’s CNE there will be a host of well-known, award-winning chefs on site showcasing their knowledge and incredible talents with food preparation. This year’s celebrity chef line-up includes:

Yvonne Tremblay (August 19-September 5)
Claudio Aprile (August 19)
Julia Albert and Lisa Gnat (August 22)
Scott Baechler (August 24)
Matt Basile (August 25)
A Vine Romance (August 23)
Anna Olson (August 26)
Mark McEwan (August 27)
Afrim Pristine (August 30)
Rodney Bowers (August 31)
Chef D (September 3)
Maggie McKeown (September 4)
Michael Smith (August 20)
Lynn Crawford (August 21)
Ned Bell (August 28)
Sang Kim (August 29)
Joel MacCharles & Dana Harrison (September 1)
Jason Parsons (September 2)

CNE - Food IV- Photo from Pexels

Food –If it can be cooked or eaten, it’ll be available in some form at the 2016 CNE! There will be a designated “Food Building” where patrons can browse food offerings and enjoy dishes from a host of different countries and regions. Have a dietary restriction or food allergy? Have no fear. There’ll be halal, dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, vegetarian, raw and other options to choose from at the EX. Oh YUM!

CNE - Food III- Photo from Pexels

Are you seated? Because this will knock you off your feet! The amazing food at the 2016 CNE doesn’t stop there either. There will also be a Craft Beer Fest, taking place on August 26, August 27 and August 28 and there will be more than 25 food trucks offering up their delicious dishes en masse. Some of the food trucks that will be at this year’s event include:

Bake Three Fifty


Chimney Stax



Eva’s Original Chimneys


Fidel Gastro

Fit to Grill

The Flying G’nosh

The Food Dudes

Frankie Fettuccine

Frankly Scarlett – NEW!

Gourmet Guyz

Hank Daddy’s BBQ

Hogtown Smoke

The Holy Grill

Bacon Nation

Made in Brazil

Pappas Greek “On Wheels”

Philthy Phils

SWAT (Sandwiches)

TDOT Naansence

Texas Tornado

The Urban Smoke

I Love Churros

As part of the CNE this year, there will also be Ribfest (August 19-September 5), a host of participating restaurants and bars on site and lots more!

CNE - Shopping - Photo from Pexels

Shopping—Get ready to shop til you drop! One of the great things about the CNE is, well, the number of great things there are at the CNE. For lots of reasons, Exhibition Place is the perfect place to host the CNE (including of course, its proximity to Liberty Village). But really, the CNE’s venue is ideal to host a range of artisans and vendors all under one roof. This year’s shopping pavilions include:

Arts, Crafts and Hobbies

At Home Pavilion

Gourmet Kitchen

International Pavilion

Outdoor Marketplace

Shopper’s Market

Warehouse Outlets

CNE - Fair- Photo from SmartCanucks

This is really just a peek into the amazing offerings at the upcoming Canadian National Exhibit. There will also be performers, programs and activities for kids, events on the waterfront, music, parades, sports, rides, games, talent shows and exhibits! This could very well be the most inclusive, and the most fun event in North America!

So how much will it cost to enjoy the CNE? Tickets can be purchased online and are subject to a 33% discount if purchased by August 18. Admission passes for kids, teens and adults are $14. Ride all day passes include the price of admission as well as unlimited rides and cost $40. Entry is free for kids who are 4 and younger. For tickets purchased later, regular gate admission (for persons from age 14 to 64) is $18; admission for seniors (65 and older) is $15; family passes (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children) is $56 and regular ride all day passes are $42. Special offers will also available.

CNE - Fair II- Photo from Pexels

The CNE is one of our city’s (and our country’s) most well-known and well-liked fairs. It offers so much over the course of several weeks that it rarely suffices to make only one trip there or to limit yourself to one activity.  For us in Liberty Village, the commute to the CNE is a quick and easy one but regardless of your location, this incredible event will certainly be worth the visit. For more information about the CNE, you can visit their website, or check them out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The EX is coming to town and it’s going to be spectacular!


Written by L. D. Moore